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Cabinet Decisions - 01-06-2012

Cabinet Decisions - 01-06-2012

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Following are the decisions taken by Cabinet of Ministers, met on Friday June 01, 2012

1. Academic Facilities at Kotalawela Defence University opened to general public as well
On a proposal made by President Mahinda Rajapaksa Cabinet of Ministers met on last Friday decided to obtain a loan of Rs 750 million from the Bank of Ceylon expand the post graduate facilities of the Sir John Kotalawela Defence University (JKDU).
This was initially established as an academy in 1981 later elevated to University status and now it has the full membership of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the UK. The Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPGS) of this university initially conducted M.Sc and B.Sc degree programmes and many other Diploma and certificate courses for serving officers of the Armed forces and the Police and the non-commissioned officers of the forces to obtain higher educational qualifications.
Since the end of the three decade long armed conflict, in order to meet the rising demand for new courses, programs such as Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy, MBA in E - Governance, MBA in Logistic Management, Master of Laws, B.Sc in Management and several other Diploma courses are being introduced from 2012.
These programs will be opened to the general public and the private sector with reasonable fees which will be beneficial to all Sri Lankans as a nation. The Government has acquired a block of land adjoining the KDU and the credit facility from the Bank of Ceylon will utilized to construct a new six- storied building complex for the IPGS.

2. 68th Upasampada ceremony of Ramanna Nikaya at Getambe in July
The Ministry of Buddhasasana has made the arrangements to conduct the 68th Upasampada ceremony of the Sri Lanka Ramanna Nikaya on a grand scale from July 23, to August 01, 2012 at the Rajopavanarama Temple at Gatembe in Kandy
On the recommendation of the Actg Minister of Buddhasasana Mr. M.K.D.S. Gunawardane, Cabinet approval was granted to complete the remaining construction work of the new Sangawasa building and the upper floor of the Dr. Labuduwe Siridamma Thero Commemoration Hall of the Rajopavanarama Temple, Gatembe.

3. Japanese assistance for non-communicable disease management via improved health facilities.
The cabinet on a proposal made by minister of Health Mr. Maithripala Sirisena decided to make use of the Japanse funded project of 3,935 million Yen to enhance the non- communicable disease management through improvement of facilities in secondary level hospitals and drug security.
Health ministry which has adopted a slogan "healthy life for all " is now in the process of implementing its strategy of creation of awareness on early detection of non-communicable diseases. The preparatory study of this five year project revealed that many secondary hospitals in the country are generally underutilized due to lack of appropriate facilities.
This project will have the following three components
Improvement of secondary - level health facilities of Teldeniya, Galgamuwa, Kaluwanchikkudi and Warakapola hospitals with the provisions of medical equipment.
Provision of 124 Nos ambulances to seven emerging regions excluding South and western province.
Procurement of equipment for production of generic drugs by the State Pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation.
Loan agreement for this has already been signed with JICA and with the local component of a sum equivalent to 825 million yen the cost of the entire project will 4,760 million yen.

4 Water Board owned new company to provide bottled water
A proposal made by Mr. Dinesh Gunawardena Minister of Water Supply and Drainage to establish a subsidiary company, fully owned by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board to carry the production and distribution of bottled and containerized safe water was approved by the cabinet.
It has been observed that non availability of safe drinking water in certain areas in the country such as North Central province has resulted in the spread of chronic kidney disease. A pilot project initiated to provide potable water for drinking and cooking purposes in the form of bulk bottled form has been success.

5 Multi purpose HD cinema and TV studio for Ranmihitenna Tele Cinema Park
Mahinda Rajapaksa National Tele Cinema Park (MRNTCP) at Ranmihitenna which is a for film makers of both local and foreign is to be equipped with Hi-Tec multipurpose studio within the park premises itself.
At present this park under the purview of ministry of Mass Media and Information has been producing several tele-dramas, commercials, and a few films including "Amden Men" a German film and Kusa Paba during the last two years.
Cabinet approval has been granted for the Mass media ministry to retain the services of Japanese Hitachi Kokusai Electric Company for consultancy, lay outs acoustic, lighting and A/C designs.
All drawings of the studio, sound and acoustic diagram, A/C diagrams, lighting diagrams will be obtained from the Japanese Hitachi Kokusai Electric Company at a cost of Rs 17.5 million while the construction of the proposed studio will be locally handled through open competitive procurement procedures.

6 22 million Euro from France for 46 bridges on National highways
On a proposal made by President as Minister of Ports and Highways the cabinet gave its approval to award the contract to a Consortium from France for the construction of 46 bridges under the financial assistance from the Government of France. These bridges will be constructed in rural and less trafficked national highways in the country.
Government has signed a financial protocol with the government of France to obtain a loan of Euro 22 million for the purpose the proceed will cover the design manufacture and supply of, as well as technical support for unibridge components and ancillary and services for the construction of the said 46 bridges.
This loan is granted for a period of 20 years including a grace period of five years with the interest rate of 0.73 percent.

7. An epilepsy unit at NHSL with funds from Saudi Arabia
An Epilepsy unit consisting of an eight storied building is to be set up at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka under the Saudi Fund as there are no optimal facilities for epilepsy patients in hospitals in the country.
The recommendation by Minister of Health Maithripala Sirisena to award the contract of piling work of this proposed eight storied building to M/s Sierra Construction (pvt) Ltd at a cost of Rs 91 million was approved by the cabinet.

Professor Ariyarathna Athugala
Director General of Government Information


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