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Cabinet Decitions 23.05.2012

Decisions taken by the Cabinet at its Meeting held on 23.05.2012

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1. Blood Bank to be modernized with assistance from Netherlands

·Upgrading the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) of Sri Lanka giving special emphasis to Northern and Eastern Provinces under the Netherlands Assistance

·On a proposal made by Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Health, the cabinet of ministers gave its approval to accept the project proposal submitted by a company in Netherlands to upgrade the blood transfusion services with state of the Art Technology at a cost of US $ 32,634,979.58

·The National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) of Sri Lanka is the sole supplier of blood to all Government Hospitals and the majority of private sector hospitals in the country.

·Among the major benefits of the above will be introduction of ultra high sensitive test methods to minimize the threat of transmission of blood born infections; and, frozen red cell facility to enable the preservation of rare blood types up to 10 years. With the existing facilities the maximum life for red blood cells is 42 days. The proposed frozen red cell facility would preserve the red cells up to a period of 10 years.

2. Waste Water plant at Maharagama cancer hospital to be upgraded

·Another proposal made also by Mr.Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Health, cabinet decided to award the contract to upgrade the existing waste water treatment plant at the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama, at an estimated cost of Rs.236,868,438.00, to the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

·National Cancer Institute Maharagama provides treatment for around 10,000 new patients and follow up treatment to above 30,000 patients annually.

·It has been observed that the waste disposal system in the hospital has to be improved for the benefit of patients, hospital employees as well as the people living in close proximity to the hospital.

3.Notaries Ordinance to be amended to increase the fine

·The proposal made by Mr . W.D.J. Seneviratne, Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs, to amend the Notaries Ordinance pertaining to regulations on attesting of documents by Notaries and fines to be imposed for offenses committed by Notaries was approved by the Cabinet.

·Activities such as the fraudulent attestation of documents, land sales on fraudulent documents are always revealed presently and according to this timely action the principle enactment will be amended to increase the fine from Rs 2500.00 to maximum of Rs one hundred thousand.

4. Procurement of a Full Dome Projector System for Sri Lanka Planetarium -

·With the view to increasing the facilities at the Planetarium for the viewers, majority of whom are school children, the proposal made by Mrs. Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Minister of Technology and Research, to award the contract for the supply and installation of a Full Dome Project System, on the recommendation of the Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee, at a cost of USS 1,187,317 and LKR 19,559,883, was approved by the Cabinet.

5. Two year concessionary period for public officials to obtain proficiency in second language

·Cabinet approval was granted to offer a final concessionary period of another two (02) years for the officers recruited to the Public Service during the period from 01-07-2007 to 30-06-2010, to obtain the prescribed level of language proficiency.

·Accordingly, the Public Administration Circular NO.07/2007 will be amended

·Having observed the difficulties experienced by employees in the Public Service in obtaining the required proficiency in the second language,

·Cabinet also decided to appoint an Officials' Committee under the Chairmanship of the Secretary to the Cabinet of Ministers, to examine the matter of conducting an examination in the second language, to suit the duties and responsibilities of the Minor, Subordinate and Executive Grades in the Public Service and formulate a scheme/modality for same.

6. Maha Oya - AralaganwiIa Road to be developed

·The proposal made by the President, as the Minister of Ports and Highways, to rehabilitate Maha Oya -AralaganwiIa Road under the project of rehabilitation of national highways with concrete surfacing through domestic contractors was approved by the Cabinet.

·This road having a length of 24 Km., connects Ampara and Polonnaruwa Districts and provides access to the Maduru Oya Reservoir. The distance of travel from Ampara to Polonnaruwa along this road is around 60 Km. shorter than the other route which runs through Mahiyangana,

·Improvement and rehabilitation of this road will help to improve Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism Industries in this region.

·Carrying out this work is earmarked in view of the Dayata Kirula national event which is scheduled to be held in Ampara next year

7. Matara – Hakmana road to be widened and reconstructed

·The proposal made also by the President, as the Minister of Ports and Highways, to rehabilitate 24.14 km length on the B 275 Matara – Hakmana Road under the project of rehabilitation of national highways with concrete surfacing through domestic contractors was approved by the Cabinet.

·This work will be carried out at an estimated cost of Rs 1.98 billion with credit facilities from the Commercial Bank and the DFCC bank.

8. Rehabilitation of Dutugamunu Pilgrims Rest at Lumbini in Nepal –

·This Pilgrims Rest has been established for the benefit of the Sri Lankan Pilgrims visiting Nepal.

·The proposal made by the Acting Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs, to attend to the renovation work of this building at a total cost of Rs.65 million was approved

·The Cabinet decided to allocate a sum of Rs 20 million to commence the work and the rest will be allocated next year.

·Pilgrims from Sri Lanka visiting Lumbini could be provided accommodation facilities,


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